Splatter Beast


Coming soon!

Splatter Beast will be our second feature-length film inspired by old school monster b-movies. We are planning on making the movie with 100% practical effects (no CGI) and all real locations (no green screen).

The movie is currently in production. We are shooting some scenes this summer (2019) and the majority of the movie next summer (2020). The entire film will be shot in Vermont where we are based.

We just finished shooting the intro scene with Vermont actress Lonnie Poland featured in the behind-the-scenes photo. She plays a bird watcher enthusiast named Susie Davis.

We want to thank Lonnie for taking part in the film and giving a fantastic performance. We also want to thank Paul Dulski and Tessa Baker from the Everything Horror Podcast for helping out as crew along with DeadFi's co-producer Jay Vos.

We are aiming for an October 2022 release so be sure to subscribe to our email list for important news!

We'll be posting news about additional casting sometime this November.

- Owen Mulligan, director

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